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Vintage Guitar Picks

Welcome to Pick-Hunter's
Vintage Guitar Pick Website! 

     I collect vintage guitar and mandolin picks with a passion!  I pay very well for old picks!  I especially like picks with lettering impressed into the celluloid.  Be sure to hit me up should you have any you want to sell.
    My eShop is back up with lots of rare vintage picks for sale!  Email me with your order, if the cart doesn't seem to be working.  Overseas buyers must pay for tracked international shipping - sorry, but I've been having issues with overseas shipping in the past and had to pay refunds for lost picks.
     My Photo Section shows some of my personal favorites from my collection.  I like 'em old!! 
      I trade picks as well.  So, if you're looking for a particular type, please let me know.   Also, I sell on eBay under Pick-Hunter to help fund my pick addiction!   Thanks for lookin'!

Keep on pickin',